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The best gift in today’s world is that we all can indeed become entrepreneurs, by just using and learning the skills that could catapult us to great horizons. This is not science fiction. This is reality. For we are in an era where AI has arrived.

Start-ups are indeed making use of artificial intelligence and  they are turning their products and services smarter in order to serve the consumers in a better way.

Further, the youth and the coming generations are extremely motivated and inclined towards the idea of starting a start-up and pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Of course, this dream comes true only with tons of determination and dedication towards the work you do.

Still, many start-ups have been made in the recent years and each of them offering a unique product or service is making news in the industry. Now, the product has intelligence in it, so we need to work on it, understanding its strength.

We at IDM do not just talk about the big giants (as they have already been into this race and in such big companies, continuous research is ongoing in the field of AI for further development. Examples of people who have integrated AI include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and much more.

Our focus is however only on how initial start-ups are making use of this technology. For, we have seen that Artificial Intelligence is increasing its presence in India to a great extent and also all over the globe.

We teach and guide people on how to use AI technologies that can help small companies set up the technology.

We know that AI tools and products are usually costly and expensive, so we guide start-ups in making use of open source tools and develop cutting-edge products and services for the end user. Open source tools help save a lot of cost and other unwanted resources for start- ups.

These tools have products ranging from chatbots to high-end classification engine. Using these, start-ups can build anything and can help consumers get smart products which will understand the consumers (both current and potential to perform even better in the future.

For essentially, that’s what the goal of AI is, to learn and deliver better each time it is made to run by the end user.

The fact is, the better one serves the consumer, the product becomes famous and popular all over the world. This is possible by integrating some smart functionalities to the products or services that we as a start-up provide.

Start-ups usually make use of the following features :

  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are tools that help solve customer queries or issues. These queries could be generic or specific. These can be extremely beneficial if the chatbots are provided with all the knowledge that it needs to know. Hence, the knowledge needs to be embedded in it.
  2. Recommendation Engine: We have experienced the recommendations given by YouTube, Facebook, Google and other big giants but even beginners can do this. Essentially, recommendation engine can be used in an e-commerce portal in order to recommend products based on the user’s likes and dislikes. It is also often used to display services that the user may gain access to. For instance, it can be used in a travel website to recommend places and trips based on user location. Like this, many more other uses of recommendation engine can be done (in terms of providing value to the consumer).
  3. Image Processing: Processing of images for better results, and then further classifying it based on its characteristics is one of the applications of AI that start-ups are nowadays making use of. Images are classified based on its internal features and attributes. Hence, it becomes easier for the user to identify certain objects or things associated with that image. Further, segregating images based on its features and based on user input can help start-ups create an organized database at the back end.
  4. Predictive Analysis: This is one of the major applications of Artificial Intelligence. This makes use of machine learning techniques in order to identify future outcomes. With the help of these techniques and algorithms, start-ups are helping other business organization to predict their value in the market, predicting their future profit, predicting the usage of their resources and so on. In fact, predictive analysis is being used very effectively by start-ups.

In Sum

We at IDM have enabled many to understand the language of AI and helped them to use it effectively.

Join us to be completely intelligent in the new digital world.

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