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What is NowFloats Marketplace?

  • First of all marketplace is a play store of web apps where any third party can register their web apps and it would be made available to all NowFloats merchants.
  • NowFloats merchants can purchase any or all of these web apps as per their choice and what suits their business for a value listed on the Marketplace.
  • They would be able to purchase and manage the apps installed on Marketplace through the Management Portal.
  • All paid NowFloats merchants (irrespective of the category) can purchase apps through the Marketplace.

How can a NowFloats merchant purchase an app through Marketplace?

  • To purchase any app on marketplace, the merchant has to add money to their NowFloats wallet where 1 point = 1 Rupee
  • To purchase points, they must go to Marketplace on Management Portal and click on the ‘+’ sign to add points, enter the points to purchase and click on ‘Add Points’
  • They would be redirected to payment gateway where they can make payment via credit card, debit card, net-banking or wallets

What does Current version of marketplace offer?

The first version of marketplace has 4 web apps. Any merchant can purchase any or all of the 4 web apps from Marketplace. The web apps are:

  1. SMS Market
  2. Email Market
  3. SAM Chatbot
  4. BMI Calculator
  5. Event Planner
  1. SMS Market
  • Using this web app, a merchant can create their own SMS Marketing campaigns. They can send bulk SMS to their customers.
  • This app offers 5000 SMS for 10,000 points. SMS cannot be sent to mobile numbers which have activated DND (Do Not Disturb) SMS can be sent to 50 numbers at one go
  • SMS sender will be a NowFloats virtual number with the sender name ‘FLOATS’.Receiver will not be able to reply back to the SMS to the NowFloats merchant


  1. Email Market
  • Using this web app, a merchant can create their own Email Marketing campaigns. They can send bulk Email to their customers.
  • This app offers 5000 mails for 10,000 points.
  • Mail can be sent to 50 email IDs at one go
  • Receiver will not be able to reply back to the Email to the NowFloats merchant
  • The email can be a text only mail, merchants will not be able to upload a PDF or any attachments to the mail


  1. SAM Chatbot
  • Merchants can provide 24*7 support to their customers by installing chatbots on their website by purchasing it from Marketplace
  • The cost of the app is 10,000 points.
  • The chatbot will be installed on the merchant’s NowFloats website on the bottom-right corner.
  • The chatbot cannot be customised and follows a standard flow. All data displayed on the chatbot is taken from the merchant’s NowFloats Boost website.
  • The chatbot is automated and neither the consumer nor the merchant can type a question or answer


  1. BMI Calculator
  • This web app is specifically beneficial for doctors, though it can be used by all merchants.
  • Any doctor who wants customers to measure BMI (Body Mass Index) on their website can install this app.
  • The best part about this app it is available free of cost, i.e it can be bought for 0 points.
  • Once the app is installed, it will be visible along with the Custom Pages under ‘More’ tab.
  • A consumer landing on this page can enter their height and weight and the result will show their BMI.


  1. Event Planner
  • With this app, a merchant can easily create, manage and sync their event online via Google calendar and show it on their website.
  • The price of the app is 5000 points.
  • The merchant would have to sign in to this app on Marketplace on Management Portal with their Google account and their calendar would automatically get synced.
  • The events of this calendar would be visible on their Boost website under ‘More’ tab along with other custom pages.

How to Install an App from Marketplace?

  • To install any app on Marketplace, go to details page of the app and click on install button.
  • Respective points will be deducted from the wallet and app will be installed.
  • Depending on app type, the app will get installed on website or it will come as tab on Management Portal in Marketplace Apps section.

Where can the merchant see Installed Apps?

All apps installed by merchant can be seen under Marketplace > Installed Apps on Management Portal.

How can the merchant uninstall an app?

  • Go to Marketplace > Installed apps
  • Go to details page of the app and click on ‘Uninstall’

Where can the merchant track all transactions made on marketplace?

  • To track the transactions on Marketplace, go to Marketplace > Your Orders
    This section will have all the details of the financial transactions (Points credited, debited , date, time of transaction etc.).
    Merchants will also receive an SMS for every transaction done on marketplace.


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