Boost Manufacturing.




First of all, Boost Manufacturing Manufacturers can talk about their:

• Team

• Customers

• Testimonials
Probably, This helps build trust and establish the credibility of the business.


Certainly, Manufacturers can list the details about their involvement in projects with the description, their customer, budget, and even more. Also, a new product in Digital Marketing has been Published.

Unlimited Product Brochure:

Likewise, ‘Brochures’ has been liked by most of our customers. Consequently, there is no limit on number of Brochures that manufacturers can upload. Probably, a consumer who lands on the website can download the brochures as well.

Slider Images for Background/Banner:

Most Noteworthy, if the merchant uploads more than one image for background, the background image will slide.

Split Timings:

Furthermore, merchants upload different store timings for each day and hence these will reflect in the footer (bottom) section of the site.

Social Sharing:

Above all, we have introduced social sharing icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) on the header (top) of each page and even more.

Background Image:

Likewise, manufacturer on-boarded on the vertical product. Almost, Boost Manufacturing can now update the Background Image for all tabs on their NowFloats website, namely:
• Home

• About

• Projects

• Latest News

• Products

• Brochure

• Even More


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