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If in earlier times, it was the survival of the fittest, now it is survival of the web enabled.

Now, virtual assets that are built around a digital hub are now big business.  For instance, just recently the linkedin “Digital Hub” was sold to Microsoft for $26.2 billion after being established only 14 years ago.

Essentially, it is all about changing one’s mindset. Our mindset on this must be one of investing in the future and not as a painful expense to be tolerated. The return from this digital machine will definitely surprise us when it is done well.

Despite websites being with us for a generation a website is often treated like an online brochure. Most people just design it, set and it up and then forget all about it.

This is the greatest mistake one can do. Our website, blog and the online store are our core assets in a digital world. Further, for many small and medium businesses they are an afterthought. They are even considered an expense.

We share some doable tips and techniques with you in our book.


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