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Email Promotion Workshop for Students

Email Marketing Workshop for Students:

Email is to enhance their skills related to designing and its usage. As of now, it has became a very professional skill. Indeed, this is required for all business communication.
First question which comes to our Mind. WHAT? WHY? HOW?
Email Marketing Software – MailChimp is a free application which can design emails. Most importantly, one  can create campaigns, ads, sign-up forms, newsletters and Landing pages. Overall, this is for our Products/ Business/ Start-ups.
There are free templates in emails for Shopping, Announcements, Education, Sales and Monthly Contest. Futher, there are free templates in Landing Page Creation – Accept Payments and Lead generation
Most importantly, one can Create Ads and even design Postcards and Newsletters in Mail-chimp.
This is a one time Platform to design, send and track all your emails. Further, along with beautiful templates, one can design emails. Most importantly, it allows all-to-actions for our events, workshops and products by allowing 
Advertising to professionals
Exceeding our objectives
Targetting the professionals one wants
It allows one to create, send, and track email campaigns that help build a strong customer base.
It includes all the relevant tools and techniques for us.

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