Growing with a spirit of humanity

Digital marketing can help many people in various ways. Many platforms begin with selfish interests but then eGrowth started with the concept of connecting people with a win-win approach. We partnered with them to enable their growth. Here, we would like to tell you about their philosophy
The goal:
Growth is E-Growth’s primary goal. They provide business advisory services. Where they leverage their network to advice and execute the business related solutions.
Growing with a spirit of humanity:

Ubuntu is a term from South Africa that means ‘humanity’. In a deeper philosophical sense indicates a belief in a universal bond of sharing. This connects all humanity”. Like all deep philosophies is applicable all the time. In the business world, this actually becomes connecting with people who are open. Open in what they can share and what they can give others. Like a business healthy in all aspects of function on well-being.

E-Growth today
Now, e Growth is the world’s first Business Advisory and Business Development (B.A.D.) network. It is an integrated, dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs, businesses and start-ups. E-Growth Today has over 7000 entrepreneurs across 78 cities.
E-Growth’s  engagement:
As a business owner everyone can leverage e Growth Network through many channels. Both online and offline has Online Engagement as their comprehensive portal. Where a business owner can share the requirements. Along with offers and any challenge related to the business. It  has communities on social media to take the business forward.
E- Growth Mixers:
The online engagement is a strength for further developments in e growth. Where there are e Growth Mixers, conferences, workshops, trade-shows and assignments. We began our association with e Growth, as they work with the small and medium enterprises. Also with SMEs which are the backbone of the economy.
E- Growth and its presence
The theory of networking is relevant all over the world. Still, as eGrowth began in India, this is where their initial focus was and is still is. The social dimension of growth in SMEs reduces regional disparity in human development. Higher income generation by people leads better health, education, sanitation and lesser exploitation. The biggest room in this world is the room for improvement. Owners of SMEs always look for continuous improvement.
E-Growth specializations:
They specialize in scale up, market entry and business development related technology services. Along with business development services, they create ample opportunities for business. This is by connecting to customer through events, advertisements and lead generation services. Access to their portal is to connect with professionals of their choice. With learning and development services. Through their vast pool of trainers and coaches, they support the business. This is identifying gaps and fulfilling them by positioning appropriate resources.
 As their partner, we have enabled many others also to grow their business and completely. E- Growth in Business Associations definitely worked and is working well.  For us as people have benefited but by doing all they can do.
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