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What is content marketing? Photos, words, audio, and video—everything we can create to tell the story of our product or company online.

 This is certainly not a new concept, but the tools have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. At IDM we will walk you through the why, what, who, and how of content marketing, and show you  how to transition your marketing efforts to the digital landscape.

 We must know that social media has not happened overnight. It is not new. Since the beginning of business, people have always gathered to talk about business, life and community events. Social media is about doing that online. Establishing a presence on the Internet even if you have one has a physical store, is critical.

 We need to create an interactive, regularly website and we need to build informative yet informal profiles on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The articles need to be published on Linked in. Being active on social media sites will not only increase brand awareness, it shall surely also boost our company’s rank on search engines and prove that you’re a business that is in tuned into the current times.

This is indeed very important in the current digital times we live in.

We shall teach you how to leverage develop and market content in the digital world with us.

Course Features

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  • Contents Stats, Facts & Insights (and what they mean to you)
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  • Getting Started: How to Build Your Content Strategy
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  • Audits
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  • Explanations
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  • Promotion
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  • Podcasting
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  • Visual
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  • Business Writing
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  • The Popularity of Content Marketing
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  • The Effectiveness of Content Marketing
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  • The other side of Content Creation: Optimize for Search
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