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We need to publish articles around our business. This is pretty easy to do if  we are marketing.
Business owners with a physical store need to reach out to a bigger audience online. Social media has not happened overnight. It is not new. Since beginning people have always gathered to talk about business. And related to Life and community events. Social media is about doing that online. Establishing a presence on the Internet even if you have one has a physical store, is critical.
We need to create an interactive website. We need to build informative yet informal profiles on social networking sites.
Like Facebook or Twitter. 
The articles need publishing on LinkedIn.
Being active on social media sites will increase brand awareness. And also increase boost Ranking on SERPs. And prove that you’re a business that is in tuned into the current times.
By doing this, once the search engines index our article, it can have the  possibility  of  being  found.  Now  let’s  say  our  business  is  a  car dealership and in Mumbai city. When do so, we have a better chance of getting local traffic from the search engines is to use a local keyword such as…. “Mumbai City Car Dealership” …all we have to do is write a 500 word or more article of our industry.
Next, if we don’t have a website, we could publish it on our LinkedIn profile. Share it through Facebook, whats-app and such platforms to gain more visibility.
Learn how to publish and leverage content on linked in with us

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