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Digital Performance in Business

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Digital Performance in Business:
The best gift in today’s world is that we all can indeed become entrepreneurs. By using and learning the skills that could catapult us to great horizons. This is not science fiction. This is reality. For we are in an era where AI has arrived.
Start-ups indeed make use of artificial intelligence which turn products and services smarter. These smarter services are to serve the consumers in a better way.
Digital Start-up:
Further, the youth and the coming generations motivate. Getting inclined towards the idea of starting a start-up. Pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The dream comes true only with tons of determination and dedication towards the work you do.
Still, many start-ups have made in the recent years and each of them offering a unique product or service. Each one is making news in the current industry. Now, the product has intelligence in it, so we need to work on it, understanding its strength.
Digital Research:
We at IDM do not talk about the big giants as they have already been into this race. In such big companies, continuous research is ongoing in the field of AI for development. People who have integrated AI include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and much more.
Our focus is only on how initial start-ups are making use of this technology. We have seen that Artificial Intelligence is increasing its presence in India. This has increased to a great extent and also all over the globe.
We teach and guide people on how to use AI technologies that can help small companies set up the technology.

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  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
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