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Move into edupreneurship

Edupreneurship training courses offered by IDM are a platform for an individual who are keen on taking what’s on their mind – knowledge, skills, expertise, experiences – and making it a profitable venture or program, such as webinars, face to face training workshops, how-to guides, tutorial videos, workbooks and many more.

We are experts at creating effective online courses, workshops, training courses and webinars. These are just some of the activities covered in our edu-preneurship training.

This way of doing business relates particularly to social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions. It improves channels. It is important to be clear that there is a difference between digital intelligence and mere intelligence. Digital intelligence engages with customers and stakeholders through new entrepreneurship and digital business.

We are witnessing a peak of initiatives across the globe. This is to foster the acceleration of digital entrepreneurial activity. It relates with the development of “digital start-ups”, with the growth for scaling business.

It can be defined as embracing new ventures and the transformation of existing business by using digital technologies. Essentially, it is characterize by a high intensity of use of new digital technologies.

IDM is a leader in Edu-preneurship, Entrepreneurship, Edu-marketing, Efficacy and effective Education. We believe in changing education by bringing together edu-innovators and help generating influential ideas that shape your career.

Become a success

Become a digital entrepreneur and transform your business idea into a business success story.

Many have come to us with absolutely no idea of the digital world but a passion to succeed. This is always the primary goal of any story of success. One can move towards success with just this factor. This, we have found to be the X factor. With this, all others fit in beautifully.

In the digital world innovation plays an important role. If earlier,  it was work or perish, in today’s world, it is innovate or perish.

Key factors

Digital innovation plays a key role in shaping the success of digital economy. As a result, to succeed, entrepreneurs need a team of digital leaders. 

It is not that easy to identify them, Most importantly, we need those with vision and skills. They would then help turn a business idea into a business success story. We shall help you here.

Edupreneuring with IDM!!

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