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Digital Marketing Foundation Course

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Learn the Basics & Become a Professional in the New Age of Digital Media

A foundation course in digital marketing helps all of us to be on social media today. This is particularly relevant for businesses. Essentially, this is not just for their visibility but also to enhance their credibility and profits too.

Our course will teach you completely so that all ambiguity regarding digital marketing is removed. We are proud to say we conduct the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.

Thane is a suburb in Mumbai that people in India would know. It is also a business hub. This is why we chose this as our locale.

Though in Mumbai, we wish to be present all over the world.  So, we always assure that we explore the infinite opportunities that the digital domain has to offer!!! Many of our students have spread globally which is why we are considered the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.

One may wonder how our digital marketing foundation course help you dominate the digital arena.

The strength of any structure comes from its base. Be it the “Taj Mahal” or our own house, the secret to strength of the structure comes from the foundation.

What is Digital Marketing?

We have designed a unique course to target specific marketing techniques for its products and services. Using digital technologies, we can reach up to many viewers and turn them into our customers.  We conduct the top digital marketing training.

The main query people often ask us is how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. The fact is, traditional marketing has its  own channels like hoardings, pamphlets, radio, television and newspaper. This had limited potential for customer reach. Digital marketing has no such limitation. So, we must learn it. Our course is known to be the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.  It will let surely enable us to improve your digital skills.

Topics in the Course are as follows:


Master the digital world

We give our students the most important practical value in our course through many digital marketing classes. This is why we are known as the best digital marketing course. So, join us for our foundation course as this will make you aware of all that you need to know in the digital world as we are indeed the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.

We know from our experience with thousands of people that building a brand that sells is the primary goal of all businessmen and their team. Marketing a business becomes confusing on many occasions when we look out to find the best way to build a brand for us. Here it is important that we understand the digital domain and its pattern. We definitely need to join the digital marketing course. Do join the best digital marketing training institute. This certainly helps all of us.

We live in a DIGITAL world. The very nature of this world is fragile! Changes and upgradation form the basic properties of this world so it becomes a part of survival mechanism that we stay updated with the digital trends.

If in earlier times, it was the survival of the fittest, now it is survival of the web enabled or DIGITALLY SKILLED. This is why we have many coming to us from all around as we are indeed known as the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.

For instance, no one now uses a physical bank passbook. The passbook is a mobile app where you view your account balances and transfer money from savings to investment accounts. The credit card is now one’s currency. An online brand is one that is experienced so the focus is quite different.

We must know that the new world is digital. Our challenge in this new, transient and moving landscape is to make our digital assets to stand out, be visible and noticed in a morphing crowded and noisy world. They need to grow, move, inspire and motivate. Creation is not enough. Brand and business building is still necessary but we do need to change our approach by understanding the trends of the new world. To be the best, join the best is the mantra of the new world. Since we are considered the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane,  we sometimes have our seats more than full.

The burden of bringing customers to your business and building roads to your brand can be a scary task. Today, we have seen that thousands of business owners in our various training programs have found that many business owners find it very difficult to generate regular leads for their business. Many of them find it hard to grow or in most cases even sustain their business. Therefore, we have put in all the things you need to do to use the internet and market digitally in our workshops.

This is the new trend and fortunately, it is also very affordable and democratic. It only needs to be designed properly and not make too much of a garish impact. All one needs to do is tell the readers who we are and what we can do for them. When this is done properly, people do notice. These are people from all over the globe not just the ones is our backyard or even city. This is why it needs to take all aspects into consideration and design them with care and expertise. This may sound simple but it is not really to be taken too lightly.

We need to understand that all of social media is interlinked. It is essentially all about connecting with the people. These could be both niche customers, potential customers. These are people who are interested in what we do or who share similar interests and circles and in the digital world, hubs with you. It’s about building relationships and networking. This is not direct selling but informing people and selling usually follows.

Here, care does need to be taken to reach out to all who may be interested in what you are doing. Most importantly, a little care can make a huge difference. Anyone who wishes to promote themselves can indeed do so with a proper strategy. Here, the most important factor is understanding our customer, both potential and real. This is only way the campaign will reach out to the people we wish to reach out to. Our strategy should never go randomly to everyone as then it becomes a waste of time, both to us and the people we reach out to. We must focus, focus and focus.

We all do need to master the essentials to remain relevant and current in the emerging era. We have understood all the challenges which is why we are considered the best digital marketing training institute in India. Don’t compromise. Do join the best digital marketing course in Mumbai and Thane.

We will be charging 10 percent less than what we are providing in our regular foundation course.

Do join us to remain current and relevant

Course Features

  • Students 104 students
  • Max Students1000
  • Duration10 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A


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