Master AI (ArtificiaI Intelligence) for career growth

Very often, people are wary of what is known as  AI or Artificial intelligence due to fear of the unknown.

This fear is bound to make us go down in the current world and definitely in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and education

In olden times, students dreaded the teachers. Now it is teachers who dread the students as they are much more updated. Many of the teachers of course show this fear in a different way by thrusting irrelevant material on the students.  The fact is, teachers and indeed, all of us, can choose to remain irrelevant and just bully those who are making more sense or move forward.

First of all, we need to understand that the digital world and artificial intelligence is NOT a negative thing. We do need to understand the new medium of education including artificial intelligence and become mentors to our students.

If we do not this, we will not do justice. Further, it will not prepare  them for the future.

This is the way we can grow together. For, when we are not updated, we become irrelevant. Change in fact is a part of a successful venture. This is why we at IDM have ventured into the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) everywhere

Artificial intelligence is everywhere now. There is a lot of demand for skills. Unfortunately, there are not enough people addressing this need. As a result, there is a global deficit in this area.  Most importantly with the growth in digital technologies and artificial intelligence offering huge opportunities,  it is a career opportunity. In other words, there is enormous capacity for skills to drive the success of an economy.

With huge internet penetration, the Indian online user base is larger than the U.S. This has opened a whole new realm of opportunities for students, entrepreneurs and working professionals. Furthermore, we all need to become digitally SMART to remain relevant.

We realise this need. It does need to be addressed. As there is such a gap, , someone else needs to step in. It is not enough to just speak on this but act.

We are committed to make everyone an expert in the field of digital marketing. Most importantly, we adopt a skill based practical approach. For, we are aware that this is necessary to experience the power of digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The world has changed. Careers don’t match the skills. Understanding this, we work on live projects, with written assurance of 100% job guarantee.

In Sum

We at IDM have enabled many to understand the language of Artificial Intelligence and helped them to use it effectively.

Join us now to become digitally wise.

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