Franchisees as partners

When we began expanding we realised we needed franchisees. So, we made it a model where both us and our franchisee(s) grow. In a sense, it is a totally win-win situation.

Our scheme

  • Seeing that a circle does not fit into square pegs, we offer a uniquely designed and tailor made franchise business model options.
  • We empower and enable franchisees with job oriented curriculum and skills that makes us a viable choice of individuals and enterprises. Each of our courses have been tested both at the individual and industry level to make it completely relevant to all.
  • We offer an umbrella of highly reputed and credible brand names. Brands do matter and we ensure we tie up with the right ones.
  • We equip our franchisees with detailed training. This includes operations manuals and processes so that they are never left in a lurch.
  • We recognise business partners for their outstanding performance through various business partner forums and meets, both at the regional and national levels.
  • We organize trainings exclusively for our business partners to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology and management concepts.
  • We remain involved with business partners in their strategic initiatives. We are happy to have helped them in all their endeavours.
  • We allow franchisees to grow by providing them with the facility of multiple education centres.
  • We offer franchisees a wide array of products/services to choose from.
  • We nurture openness, mutual trust and respect for our business partners. Trust we know builds great relationships so we never compromise on this. This of course, results in a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Empowerment

Essentially, we believe in empowering our franchisees, whom we prefer to call business partners. For, it is only when we both walk together on the path of success that everyone involved with us will also become and remain successful.


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