Acentiv is a reputed IT consulting company. Their reputation did not happen overnight. It look time for them to specialize in system integration. Along with this, they also provide native mobile applications development.

Building Blocks

This company is built on commitment and partnership. Further, they go out of the way to help their customers.  This they do by integrating complex business applications. With this, they also develop mobility.
The fact is is all this comes from experience. Each of the two company founders have more than 20 years experience. This is in the area of implementing IT business solutions. As a result, they like challenges. They are also passionate about success in all their projects. 

Systems they cater to

Their success include custom development capabilities. Further, they also provide packaged solutions from market leaders.
They cover the complete project value chain. This chain ranges from business discovery to support and maintenance. As a result, this makes them provide all the solutions their customers need.
They now do all of the following given below. 
  • Diagnostic and assessment.
  • Scoping and requirements definition. 
  • Solution selection process.
  • Design and architecture.
  • Project management and implementation. 
  • Support and maintenance.
As mobiles are very prevalent now, they are into this area also.

Mobile technology

Mobiles have been here for quite some time. Knowing this, they specialize in creating and delivering a range of applications. These go all the way from simple to full scale database driven enterprise In essence, they cater to all types with high levels of usability.
Along with this, strengthening one’s customer base and increasing market share are additional benefits. We could call them fringe benefits of a robust mobile business plan and strategy.
Acentiv’s Mobile approach is robust. It brings mobile apps from conception to implementation. These include the following given below –
  • Mobile strategy development.
  • Product development and app realization.
  • Custom mobile application development.
  • Enterprise architecture.
  • Data management and change management.

Unique approach

What makes them unique is their commitment. Along with this, they have an obsession for quality and a passion of customer care. They build solutions for the future keeping in mind the big picture.

Partners in success

Partners are those who respect each other. This is why we are happy to be in their partners. We have worked with many along with them to create business success.
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